Brand identity, print, event key visual graphic design

It is a brand that specializes in selling only Greek yogurt balls independently. It features a product that can be eaten by bending toppings and jam in heart-shaped containers. Based on Yoplip's unique productivity and unique expertise, we built a brand identity and built a design system so that package design, printing, and content design can be utilized. More Detail

Brand identity, print, graphic design, visual content

Brand consulting of a group organized to spread Korea's unique tradition and culture. The Minhwaya brand develops a brand system overall, including naming, content design, brand identity, and ui/ux design. Designed to focus on the content consumption experience. The client commissioned a sustainable design for platform expansion. More Detail

naming, Brand identity, graphic design, visual content

This request was made by 27watt, a full scope project for brand launch, as a base cosmetic brand conducted by Hanyoung Korea (subject) X Hyungji (Castelbajac) X Neo Communications 3 in Volve. Through brand strategy consulting, naming, and storytelling, we established an identity and linguistic system, and later established a design system, produced and developed BX, advertising campaigns, and contents. More Detail

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